Blood Bank

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Request Blood

Request for blood in 3 easy steps

  • Select the Blood group required ( Verify with Doctor )
  • Click on "select current location" or Type the location or pin it on the map
  • Select the type of Donor ( Blood Banks/ Registered Donors )
  • You can Have the Blood delivered to the required place or pick it up yourself !

Why Donate Blood Through ambuler?

  • All ambuler certified Blood Drives have high quality standards which match international standards prescribed by WHO. We take utmost care of your life by changing needles every time, Having professional doctors and nurses around and many more such facilities.).
  • Every time you Donate Blood you receive Blood points. Blood points can be used to receive blood whenever required. Also our consistent BLOODY HEROES avail special surprises.
  • Whenever your blood is used for saving someone you will be notified and there is no better feeling than saving a life.
  • And of course you can flaunt it on social media and share your joy with the ambuler community
  • And above all you will be a BLOODY HERO !!

Donate Blood

Donate Blood on your Demand at a nearby Blood Donation Drive and be a BLOODY HERO.

  • Click on Donate Blood Button on the top and fill in details.
  • We will notify you about the nearest ambuler cerified Blood Drive or Blood Bank
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